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Avoid the stress of having your website hacked. Let’s work together to secure your website via our WordPress Website Maintenance packages and get your website safe today.

Maintenance tasks on autopilot
WordPress plugin updates, theme updates, security and performance


WordPress Website Maintenance Service.

Streamline your business by partnering with a company that’s passionate about all things website maintenance, security & performance.


Avoid WordPress Website Vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable WordPress plugins are the leading cause of a hacked website.

As most websites have multiple themes, plugins and WordPress core updates constantly getting published, neglecting to update can lead to hijackers having their way with your website.

By outsourcing your website maintenance, you can rest easy knowing that your website is secured, backed up and always up-to-date with the latest versions.

Daily backups
Website maintenance & uptime monitoring


Focus On More Important Things.

We help business owners get out of the trenches and enable them to focus on what they enjoy doing most.

We take care of all the technical website management of your website and ensure that they’re running securely and optimally.

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Our Maintenance Services

Cloud Backups

Automated daily incremental backups and full monthly backups of your entire website with 12 months retention, stored securely in Amazon's cloud service.

Security Patching

Regular security patching and updates, with daily virus scans, plus enhanced security practices to ensure that your website is locked down tight.

Safe Updates

Weekly maintenance of themes, plugins and core versions. All safely tested with an incremental backup performed beforehand in case of any issues with WordPress.

Uptime Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your website. Fast response times by our support team on the event we're notified that your website is down.

User Account Audits

We'll conduct an audit of users that have elevated privileges and keep an eye out on suspicious activity and unused user accounts.

Best Security Practices

With expert security specialists on our team, we deliver the best industry practices across al of our client's sites. From file system locking, 2FA and more.

SSL Certificates

We enable Cloudflare's SSL certificate across all your websites to ensure that end-to-end encryption is properly configured and your site is secured.

Image Optimisation

We use premium plugins to help compress image file sizes, convert to WebP formats and improve website loading speeds and performance.

File Optimisation

Increase website loading speeds and improve site scores by caching your website, delaying and compressing JavaScript and CSS files.

Worldwide CDN

Further enhance website speeds by gaining access to our global content delivery network. Deliver content faster by sending them from the closest geo location.

Spam Comment Removal

Fix SEO and make your site look more professional by reducing the amount of spam submissions to your blog with weekly removal of all spam comments.

Basic SEO Optimisation

We'll setup basic SEO to help search engines find your websites faster by enabling easy sitemaps, schema markup and making your site meta ready.


Maintenance Reports

To keep you in the loop with how your website is performing, we'll send you a monthly report. Enjoy the read as you sit back drinking a coffee.

Backup Restores

On the event a website is attacked and taken offline, we'll restore the website from the last backup completely free of charge. All passwords are automatically reset as part of this service.

DNS Migration to Cloudflare

To enhance your website's security protection and network performance, we'll setup Cloudflare to host your DNS records. Once migrated, you'll benefit from their enterprise-level caching, security & speed performance.

Guardian Full Backup Copy

Our first backup is labelled as our Guardian copy, and is stored securely for 12 months - even if you leave our service. This copy can be called upon on the event you're in desperate need later down the line.

WordPress Support Services

If your website is experiencing technical issues, we have a technical support team ready to assist. All of our care plans include 15 minutes of problem analysis, in which our team will then provide a time estimate and quote to fix. Each plan includes discounts on our WordPress support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more?

Absolutely. A website is hosted on a public platform, where it’s open to thousands of potential attackers. Not maintaining a healthy website is much like having a poor immune system. You’re more susceptible to virus’ and malicious attacks, which will result in lost or stolen data or entire websites getting highjacked and held for ransom. 

  • The first line of defense is ensuring that your website is secure. This includes maintaining an up-to-date SSL certificate, enforcing HTTPS on all traffic, disabling FTP access, hosting DNS records with Cloudflare, configuring security plugins to instantly block brute force attempts and locking down important server files that shouldn’t be accessible to the public.
  • Next, is remaining on top of all theme, plugin and WordPress version updates to ensure attackers don’t use these as opportunities to gain access to your website.
  • Then, whilst the website may be locked down tight, user accounts can just as easily be exploited. As such, we conduct user audits to ensure that a limited amount of accounts have administrative access and enforce complex passwords and multi-factor authentication.
  • Finally, we perform daily cloud backups to ensure that if all else fails, that we have a recent restoration point to go back to.

We’ve structured our pricing to best suit the needs of an agency or individual running multiple websites. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Although WordPress has recently introduced automatic plugin, theme and core updates, it is still highly recommended from a security and stability standpoint that this feature is used with caution.

We test all plugin, theme and core updates in a test environment prior to pushing out on live websites to ensure that they’re stable and don’t break your client’s website.

Furthermore, we maintain full and incremental backups of your client’s websites to ensure that if anything ever goes wrong, that we have a recent copy to rollback on in no time.

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