Our Website Maintenance Process

We find that it’s good to keep our agency partners informed of our process breakdown. View our step-by-step process below.

Website Maintenance Overview

Agency Client Agreement

Our agency partners will first create their care plans based on our white-label pricing, including a markup, and sign-up their customers.

Step 1

ServeWP Signup

Our agency partners will then signup to one of our WordPress maintenance plans and provide their customer website details.

Step 2

ServeWP Pipeline

Our team of onboarding specialists will next prepare your customer's site and add it into our pipeline.

Step 3

First Backup

Prior to beginning the full setup of our ServeWP system & maintenance suite, we perform a complete backup of your client's site to capture its current "pre-ServeWP" state.

Step 4


Once the first backup has been completed, we'll begin getting everything ready to plug your client's site into our ServeWP management console.

Step 5

Uptime Monitoring

We set up our uptime monitoring early on to ensure that we eyes and ears on your client's website 24/7. If we notice anything out of the norm, we'll respond accordingly.

Step 6

Incremental Backups

We next set up what's known as 'incremental' backups. These are backups that only capture the minor changes made to a site throughout the day.

Step 7

Website Updates

We'll now prepare your client's site to receive important updates issued through our WordPress update service.

Step 8

On-Site Security

We'll now get serious and begin locking down your client's website from within, putting the walls up to help block potential hackers from getting in.

Step 9

Off-Site Security

The walls are safe, but the plumbing's leaking. Network traffic flow can be easily exploited and used to gain entry to your site. That's why we use enterprise-grade security to protect the pipes and filter the water.

Step 10

User Audits

The final piece of security protection is to inspect which users have administrator access and conduct a full audit on the account. After all, there's no point of having on-site and off-site security protection if the trojan horse walks right through the gates.

Step 11

Site Performance

Time to put this site in hyperdrive. We check desktop & mobile performance and enable file & image optimisation to improve speed.

Step 12

Basic SEO

Getting indexed is the most important part of SEO. If your client's site isn't configured correctly, they'll never appear in search engines. That's why we make sure to tick this box for you.

Step 13

Client Reporting

To ensure that your client knows exactly what we've been up-to to maintain their site's health, we'll send them a monthly report to keep them informed.

Step 14

Monthly Maintenance

And finally, we'll keep your website fully optimised, secured, backed up, and updated all month long to ensure that it's safe and running optimally. What's more, if we encounter any issues, our technical team of WordPress developers will fix it.

Step 15

Download a copy

Need a copy to show your business partner, spouse, friend, client or pet? We’ve put together a helpful PDF version for your leisure. Pull up a chair, poor yourself a tea and give it a read.